Recent conference and workshop participation

“Democracy, international status and a policy-oriented IR: the emergence of a new democratic foreign policy elite in Chile during the Pinochet regime (1973-1990)”. Foreign Policy Analysis Conference 2022 – Enabling and Exploiting the Benefits of Interdisciplinary Collaboration. The University of Edinburgh. July 2022.

“International Status in Domestic Politics: Narrative, ‘international isolation’ and democratization during the late Pinochet regime (1983-1990”. Panel: The Domestic Politics of International Status Seeking. International Studies Association Annual Convention. March 2022.

Conference convener and host. “Desafíos domésticos, regionales y globales de la política exterior chilena”. Main speaker: Senator José Miguel Insulza – Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile. June 2019.

“Small state status seeking from the Global South”. Role Theory in International Relations: Chile as a secondary power workshop with Cameron Thies and Leslie Wehner. Institute of Public Affairs, University of Chile. April 2019.

“Small state status seeking from the Global South”. The Entrepreneurial Power of States workshop with Andrew F. Cooper. Political Science Institute, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. March 2019.